Mortgage Repayment Cover

Pays you a monthly amount to cover your mortgage repayments if you become totally disabled as a result of illness or injury.

Does your mortgage (or the prospect of one) feel like a weight on your shoulders? Imagine how much heavier that weight would feel if you you were unable to work and couldn't meet your monthly repayments? Consider that you my be forced to sell your home - something no one wants to face when they are unwell.

Protecting your mortage is common sense - it's just one thing you can do to help ensure that no matter what happens to you, your home is secure.

Did you know?

OnePath - Mortgage Repaymet Cover

In 2013, the average weekly household mortgage repayment expenditure was $356.20 per week.*

*Stats NZ: Household Economic Survey: Year ended June 2013 - tables

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OnePath - Mortgage Repaymet Cover

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Redundancy Cover

An insurance that pays a monthly benefit for up to 6 months if you are made involuntarily redundant. It can only be chosen with Income Cover and/or Mortgage Repayment Cover.

OnePath - Mortgage Repaymet Cover

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