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Business Extra is our unique and flagship business product designed to provide flexibility to meet the needs of most small businesses in New Zealand.

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to your business if you suddenly got sick and couldn't go to work? What if it was one of your business partners or an employee with specialised knowledge? How would this affect your business in the short term? If a return to work was not possible then what would be the long term implications? What would happen if a key person died?

Business Extra will keep your business healthy when the health of you or one of your key people has failed. It provides comprehensive cover based on the expected financial impact on a business over time if a key person is unable to come to work.

All contingencies are conveniently covered in one policy, as different monthly sums assured can be selected, with lump sums payable on long-term disability, trauma and death. This means that you can select the level of your benefit to cover a range of scenarios, without the need for multiple benefits.

Did you know?

OnePath - Business Extra

Ill health and lack of health insurance is one of the four main causes of people going bankrupt.*

* Ministry of Economic Development - Insolvency and Trustee Service Statistical Data Report 2007-2008

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OnePath - Business Extra

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