Key Person Start-Up Cover

An insurance that provides an agreed monthly payment to compensate for losses the business may face if you or a key person is unable to work due to a disability as a result of an injury or illness.

The smaller the business the greater the reliance there is on one or two key employees. You and the key employees in your business are its most valuable _assets. The expertise and knowledge you and your key people contribute is essential to the running and the success of your business.

Key Person Start-Up Cover is specifically designed to protect new small businesses from the financial impact caused, if you or a key person is unable to work due to an illness or injury, by providing pre-agreed monthly payments to ensure your business stays afloat while you or a key person recovers.

Did you know?

OnePath - Key Person Start-Up

4 out of 10 males and 6 out of 10 females are likely to be off work for 30-90 days due to an illness or accident before they reach 65*.

* Davies Financial and Actuarial Limited, Jan 2010

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OnePath - Key Person Start-Up

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