Agribusiness Extra

Insurance cover specifically designed to protect the unique needs of those who work in the agricultural sector.

As a farmer you know how unpredictable life can be, and it's not just the elements you have to worry about. On top of the day-to-day risks of manual labour, you face the same health threats as everyone else - like cancer and heart disease. And you can only be as productive as your body lets you be.

Which begs the question - if you were unable to take care of the farm due to illness or injury will the financial needs of you and your farm be met?

Insurance cover is a vital contingency plan for any farmer, as it can take just one setback to jeopardise years of hard work. Agribusiness Extra aims to protect the financial viability of a farm (and income), when a farmer is unable to work due to disability. Agribusiness Extra also provides lump sum payments should the farmer become permanently disabled, suffer a traumatic condition or pass away.

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OnePath - Agribusiness Extra

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